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Tallulah Adventures Vision

From dream to vision to reality!

Tallulah Adventures was born out of an idea to repurpose the old Welcome Center building off Hwy 441 in Tallulah Falls as an adventure hub and event space for visitors and locals to enjoy. 

Once touted as a premiere vacation destination in the 19th century, Tallulah Falls and the surrounding area hold supreme beauty and offer an ample amount of outdoor adventure and recreational opportunities for those looking to explore. 

At Tallulah Adventures we invite people to choose from a variety of activities ranging from outdoor recreation to art and music, and to curate an adventure experience that suits them. While for some this might be learning how to rock climb or slack line, kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding, going on a white water rafting trip for the first or hundredth time. Others may find adventure in learning about the local history of the area, observing the local flora & fauna, or even taking a painting class while snacking on something from our cafe.

Recognizing the many barriers that exist for people to engage in outdoor recreation and other adventurous activities, Tallulah Adventure’s is built on the principles of inclusivity and accessibility for all. We openly welcome all visitors regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.
At Tallulah Adventures we share a collective passion for outdoor recreation and feel a strong sense of gratitude towards nature and the importance of spending time outside. Being in nature makes us realize we are connected to the natural world and we’re not separate from it. When we see ourselves as part of nature, it also helps connect us to everyone else, making it clear that despite our differences, nature and our natural resources are the common threads that sustain us as humans. It is our ultimate goal to provide access to unique outdoor experiences and to encourage people to broaden their horizons, try new things, and explore their edge of adventure.

Our Vision


We want to bring families together and create positive experiences.


Our goal is to give back to the Tallulah Falls and surrounding communities, as well as highlight history, culture, art, and recreational opportunities in North Georgia.


We aim to share our passion for the outdoors with all who visit.

Our Culture

Tallulah Adventures embraces a culture of environmental sustainability, inclusivity, community engagement and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich the lives of our visitors and build community by providing resources and an inclusive space for people to gather and connect with the natural splendor of Northeast Georgia.

What kind of adventurer are you?

Our Values


We aim to become a hub for adventure in the Tallulah Falls area, providing information, gear and guidance on how to responsibly recreate in the Tallulah Falls area.


We are dedicated to promoting and showcasing the work of local creators.


In all that we do, we seek to facilitate a sense of community among the individuals, families, adventurers, and creators who come from near and far to enjoy this beautiful area.


We are committed to fostering an educational environment and helping our guests gain a deeper understanding of the history and nature of the surrounding area.


We will act as a catalyst for entrepreneurship in Tallulah Falls, and serve as an incubator for entrepreneurs seeking to grow and develop new organizations.

Local Partnerships

Whenever possible, we will seek partnerships with the town of Tallulah Falls, the State Park, as well as the local business community and individuals alike. Rather than compete, we seek to lift up and work together with local organizations.


We strive to be a leader in sustainability while inspiring sustainable action among our guests.

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