Kids Climbing Class

September 3, 2022 @ 11:00 am 12:50 pm


Explorers (age 5-9) – 11:00 -11:50
Alpinists (age 10-15) – 12:00-12:50

Kids Class Series Package – $75 includes: 

  • 4 50 minute classes offered once a week over a month
  • 1 month Adventure Zone membership 
  • Rental climbing shoes and chalk included
  • 5% off at Edge Cafe

Explorers (ages 5-9)
Bring your little tree climber to the Adventure Zone and let them develop their innate desire to climb and explore in a safe and fun environment.  During class, we will use play to teach basic climbing technique and help your child build more confidence on the wall. Climbing is a great way to teach kids how to embrace the joy of movement and exercise, and hopefully burn off some of that extra energy!  Think of it as all the best parts of gym class with none of the running.  No experience required, climbing chalk and shoes included.

Alpinists (ages 10-15)
For older children, we will dive deeper into climbing skills, techniques and terminology through games, drills, coaching and lots of fun!  Your child will build strength, flexibility and coordination while they learn problem solving, self-motivation and persistence.  Climbing, like other popular sports, encourages an environment of teamwork and friendly competition where your child can gain confidence as they progress and learn.  No experience required, climbing chalk and shoes included.